Our Vision

To be catalyze sustainable socio-economic change through education, eco-conscious farm, environment and health.

Our Mission

Transform tribal and rural children’s mental caliber into intellectual and establish a modern amenities with traditional knowledge based Vidhyaranya Gurukula with confident, responsible, self-reliant and employable citizens of the country.

The creation of sustainable, inclusive, integrated model learning centers villages of Tribes of student-friendly teacher with support of local communities, demonstrating ways of overcoming identified disconnects in the mainstream system.

Agriculture to farmers at grass-root level and build a robust, low-cost, eco-friendly agro-crops and value chain management, which is commercially viable and ensures the betterment of all the walks of life with peace and prosperity.

To heighten students’ environmental awareness and promote stewardship.

Our Core Values

Too many are still struggling for the most basic needs. We believe through intelectually designed community oriented programs and social development we have the chance to help reduce poverty.

  1. Community Development: No change is lasting change unless it involves the community. Through training and social entrepreneurship, we aim to make a lasting and positive impact to the communities we serve.
  2. Sustainability: Many of the materials we use on daily basis have the capacity to be recycled. However, they are often thrown out or worse burnt, polluting our air and water sources. This is often due to limited education and facilities - we aim to provide communities with access to recycling facilities and convert these materials into items that benefit their lives.
  3. Climate Change: There is no country in the world that is not experiencing the first hand effects of climate change. We aim to reduce the burning of trash by creating value out of the materials, whilst educating on the impact climate change is having on our planet.