India has tremendous health needs along with ever-expanding capacity to develop solutions. We are works works optimal utilization of health workforce to promote traditional medicine system and well being of the people, keeping in mind a positive impact on the environment. It also works towards other causes that go hand-in-hand with healthcare, such as nutrition, taking sincere effort to achieve its ideals


Green Pharmacy

Vidhyaranya Foundation carries out the promotional activities related to Medicinal Plants to conserve, promote and popularize medicinal plants. The emphasis is given to preserve the rare species of medicinal plants which are on the verge of extinction, resulting in severe damage to thousands of precious medicinal flora all over the country. From time immemorial, various medicinal herbs have been made use as medicines.

Needless to say those medicinal plants have wonderful curative and prophylactic uses. Such plants being grown in and around our living places are off late being neglected. We are preserving a big herb garden as well as herbal nursery and is growing huge numbers of medicinal plant saplings in order to distribute to the common public at nominal prices. Varied efforts are being taken to make the cultivation of medicinal plants profitable.

Naturopathy , Retreat & Yoga

Naturopathy and Yoga are two important healing and rejuvenating practices originated in India. Both these systems have their origins in the Vedas. It is believed that Naturopathy is the science and yoga is the practice of this science for the overall health and well-being.

. According to the Vedic system, Naturopathy is a medicinal system for healing purposes of the body and Yoga is not a medical system but a practice for inner peace and spiritual well-being. While yoga prepares the body for a spiritual rejuvenation and enlightenment, Naturopathy gives ways about keeping the body and mind healthy.