Vidhyaranya Learning Centre

We have always believed that lack of education amongst the tribal is the main cause which is plaguing the Nation and preventing the all-round development of individuals. Vidhyaranya aims to transform the fundamental aspects involved in primary education. We have adopted a holistic approach, in Our educational program, which is developed in response to the need for moral, character and social development of the young buds and to make them responsible citizens of India.

Vidhyaranya Foundation is serving, the humanity through its various activities such as, Value Based Education, Shikshamurtham, Poshika Annam, Eco-Conscious Farm Activities, Environment and Health Education.

ViDHYARANYA FOUNDATION conducting Learning centres in Burgoor Hills,Erode District, Chitteri Hills, Dharmapuri District, Kolli Hills Namakkal District of Tamilnadu, India. We are serve the humanity through its various activities such as providing Value Based Education, Shikshamurtham, Poshika Annam, EcoConscious Farm Activities, Environment and Health Education

Vidhyaranya E-Learning Centre, Kolli Hills, Namakkal District / Palakuttai, Sittlingi, Dharmapuri District

We have engaged in an endeavor to simplify this process through use of technology which will revolutionize the way children are taught in schools – by digitizing all content and making it a lot more interesting. So be it Math, Science, Social Studies or Languages, learning at school now can be a delightful experience by incorporation of animation, riddles, puzzles, and stories –So far, Learning Delight has impacted the education systems in Kolli Hills. Simply put, we make learning at Vidhyaranya fun and easy for children.

After School Program

In Burgoor Hills Children are faced with various problems of getting elementary schoolings in age group of 5 to 14, as they are first generation learners, poor living condition, un-favorable home condition, parents migrating to cities for labor work, unstable occupation and economic condition. we understand each child needs a strong foundation in all aspect of the personality such as emotional, social, mental and physical role in upbringing of a child.

Children need quality education to understand how to acquire knowledge and how it helps them in fulfilling their dreams and having a productive life. Vidhyaranya Home for Learning provides activities for the children an after school hours this is in response to everyone seeking children learning at after school program. The aim of the “After School Program” is to provide the children with equal balance of academics, creativity through various arts, music, dance, values, life skills, technology and sports in a clean, friendly and happy environment.

Balancing between the growth of better body and mind, plays major part of the child’s physical, psychological and intellectual growth, we are provided Shikshamurtham (nutritious snacks) to the children in the evening. This is not only helps the child individually but also helps the family.

Beyond School Program

We believe in a holistic education model that can help a child develop as a all round individual. The Beyond School program conducted in week-ends and school holidays, which enhance the quality of education, thorugh designing and implementing comprehensive solutions that focus on improving student learning. All the Children are first-generation learners from tribal communities they need special focus, so that they can feel engaged, empowered, and inspired by building on known to unknown, using learning techniques they’re already familiar with creative learning experiences targeting gaps; provide opportunities to students to showcase their achievement in both curricular and co-curricular areas.

We are teaching essential knowledge to the children at our beyond school program is English Language, Tamil Enrich Program, Sanskrit Slogans, Kannada Teachings, Hindi Learning Program, Math, Science, Social Science, Environment Science, Family Food and Gardening through Children NutriKitchen Club, Educate our traditional richness by Story Telling, Farming activities through EcoConscious Farming, Valuee of Ecology, Rich minerals of Millets ,Yoga, Silambam, Archery, Natural Healing and Home Remedies, photography, theatre and how to live sustainably. We are providing Poshikha Annam (nutritious meals) to the children in our beyond school program.

Visit A Learning Centre

Vidhyaranya philosophy is to encourage the students to Learning Centre to experience the model and then contribute in terms of donation or arpan (volunteer to the student’s community). Conceptual of this arpan is evolved to see the change at grass-roots and its bringing have an experience of tribal.

Generally these visits are planned in advance as a group and individual vidhyaranya facilitate from the hills. Interested people can share the details or contact us.

Teachers from the Community

We have crisis of teachers, to teach tribal students in the hills. Currently We are training the local senior students to teach to the juniors. Our teaching staff(Senior Students) are willingly changing their attitudes from barriers what they have faced in the past, and they are very good learners and ready teach to the juniors under our guidance.

We’ve a instructions to them i.e., Classroom observation, train from the expert, Monthly one-on-one teaching professional development meetings In-house manual and guideline development Reading Club – engaging with different ideas in education the activities are change attitude to them.

The Dakshin Nalandha - A Gurukulam

ViDHYARANYA FOUNDATION working towards development & upliftment of Tribal and rural Children in Burgoor Hills,Erode District, Chitteri Hills, Dharmapuri District, Kolli Hills Namakkal District of Tamilnadu, India with immortal spirit at heart, character with humanity is man making. If charter is lost, a man losses everything, so we build that Utopian Gurukulam, where development is concomitant with the rich and diverse heritage of our nation. We are working a common goal, broadening horizons and gaining cultural experience to provide teachers and students a unique opportunity to develop a variety of skills and competences and to extend the perspectives of their normal learning and working lives. This opening up of learning and Gurukulam contexts is highly inspiring and enriching for all participating in it.

The Dakshin Nalandha - A Gurukulam is providing the tribal children, orphaned, destitute, outcast, unloved, needy with a home, love, happiness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment, the highest level of education possible, and a hope for a bright future. A destination for a truly holistic education that aims to instill the love for lifelong learning amongst all those who revere knowledge and to promote a society where people of diverse cultures are able to define their own development of education and fulfill their economic, social, cultural, and spiritual aspirations and gurukula as espoused great spiritual monks like Shri Adhisankarcharya, Shri Vidhyaranyar and Swami Vivekanandha.

The ultimate Goals of the Vidhyaranya Gurukulam project is to one day have a self-sustaining community consisting of a children’s NutriKitchen Garden Based sustain Home, Gurukulam (Traditional Residential School), a Knowledge Centre, Shelter for Elders, Nature Way Farming, Goshala, Deeksha Vanam (Meditations Space as well as Amphitheatre), Green Pharmacy (Agathiya Vanam), Nature Cure Community Health Centre (hospital), Sports Centre, Crafts, Music & Performing Arts Centre, Community FM Radio Station, place of worship, library, technology center, Children's Entrepreneurship Development Centre and other facilities that help a community to succeed.

We require land in & around Kolli Hills for this noble project. The name of the that place is called "VIDHYARANYAM" our minimum requirement is five to ten acres. We will acquire the land and develop basic requirement fulfill and further implementation initiate step-by-step progress based on the funds mobility with support of God, Well Wishers & likeminded charity organization.