Eco-Conscious Farm


Children Nutri-Kitchen Club

The idea evolved around the need to ensure nutrition supply for a family in the remotest of a tribal village. The idea is to make sure that all in the family specially children and women should not become victim of mal-nutrition.

It’s evolved on the principle of low cost organic farming in a small piece of land either part of agri field or a small area adjacent to home or hut of the family and alternatively spending time in residential community visiting other rural families and sharing farming techniques and organic methods. The main objective is to ensure supply of nutrition through organically home grown vegetables and fruits simultaneously ensuring that the soil must also remain healthy. This Green Studies evolves from ecology to sustainability while connecting students to our local geographic and cultural context and using a hands-on approach that allows students to ‘get their hands dirty’ and ‘get mud between their toes’, while reinforcing the essential skills of reading, writing, maths and science.


An environmentally friendly, ecologically stable, and economically flourishing Burgoor for the Benefit of the pupils &people of Burgoor Hills and distribute, and aid to plant and grow tree seedlings for fruit, amenity, and agro-forestry purposes to the public of Burgoor with particular attention to the tribal students community.

Nursery will educate them about various plants an herbs and to sensitize students community and public in particular about environmental conservation and tree planting, clean environment, and to establish tree nurseries in various parts of the Burgoor Hills that will enable the public to Acquire free seedlings for fruits, amenity and Agro-forestry.

The nursery establishment and development is made to give the complete information regarding the process of nursery planning, establishment, seedling production trial, as well as our nursery development plan in future.


The Burgoor Hills region which is a tribal dominated hilly and forest area and scattered habitation. The tribes have a definite way of life style and social-cultural and religious characteristics. A large majority of tribal are associated with agricultural activities but their agricultural fields are undulating and smallholdings and are subjected to severe soil erosion. Due to their marginal and uneconomical holdings, climate change earnings from these pursuits do not give them reasonable level of living.

Eco-Conscious Farming aim is to improve the quality of life and income from agriculture for farming families in the Hills regions and it seen as sustainable agriculture, environmental sensitive, resource-conserving, economically viable and socially supportive, commercially competitive, approaches in the long-term.

Vidhyaranya initiative aims to provide an opportunity for maximizing sustainable living for rural families where it is not being practiced. Eco-Conscious farming naturally enhance the yield, value of the soil, crops like millets, Bengal gram, green gram, creeping vegetables etc are produced, which enhances the water retention of the farming land. Cow urine and dung are utilized in preparation of ‘Panchakaviya" thus enhancing the yield of the soil and are also very effective in control of insects and pests Plantation of varieties of trees and plants is done through Green Wall Concept. Instead of just providing barbed wire or rubble masonry as compound wall we have constructed live green wall compound which gives protection as well as habitat for birds, protection against the fire from outside and also will provide small income source for the foundation in future. Currently, we have two lease land for cultivation, millets and drought barren creepers like pumpkin, bitter-guard and fruit tree plantations.