The main objective of Vidhyaranya is to create jobs at the local level and reduce unemployment by creating a favorable ecosystem for entrepreneurial development in the country. The main focus is to take up those commercial activities that are need-based and help create enterprises in the rural areas of the country.


Skill Development for Youth

Vidhyaranya Knowledge Institute

The speed of a nation's development is directly related to the quantity and quality of vocational skills possessed by its workforce. The wider the range and higher the quality of vocational skills, the faster the growth and more prosperous the society. In the coming decade, an additional eight million young people will enter India's labour force every year in search of employment. Currently only 5% of the country's labour force in the 20-24 age category have formal vocational training, 60 to 80% in most industrialized nations, and as much as 96% in Korea.

The lack of vocational training applies at all levels, a wide range of value-added skills for enhancing the performance of workers in different occupations. Vidhyaranya create skill-full workers provide training to young men and women such as Furniture Design & Making, Organic Farming, Nutritious Snacks Makers & Traditional Craft makers. The emergence of new technologies has given this sector a huge boost in the last decade and there is still a wealth of unexplored possibility in what could be.

Women Empower for Entrepreneurship

Hand Made Traditional Ragi Noodles

Food processing businesses operate in the center of the value chain, playing an essential role in local economic growth. We works to improve these businesses operations and safety practices so they can purchase more crops from smallholder farmers and create more jobs, and provide high-quality, nutritious food for consumers and when these businesses increase their sales and processing capacity, they are able to buy more crops from farmers.

Helping women processors improve their food fortification practices is another key component of our work, as fortification of staple foods is one of the most effective, wide-scale ways of improving a population’s nutrition and health.